The Pharmacy Technician’s Guide to Vaccination Conversations


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Sudler has requested that Viscira engage in the creative design and development of an app, to be used by Pfizer pharmacy techs as a training presentation tool.

The objective is to empower and educate pharmacy technicians to identify and refer patients for vaccination, in a fun and engaging way while at the same time strengthening connections with vaccinating pharmacists. The new ABS New Tech training module (e-learning), is the cornerstone of the TechCellence training program.

In order to achieve an engaging application through user experience, and design, we developed a program which is fun, and playful, with a crafty aesthetic.

The use of cut out paper characters, ranging from ages 18 to 81 years of age, you will be introduced to key characters who will serve as your interactive learning guide. The idea is to connect with our audience by using characters that are personable, engaging, and bold in visual treatment. The selection of these colors allows us to relate to the brand.